Circle of Light Navajo Educational Program

My Young In-laws

In 1994 Ellis Tanner commissioned Navajo
artist Chester Khan to paint murals of prominent Navajos on the walls of his

The idea is to inspire our Navajo youth with role models and encourage
them to be the best version of themselves.

Rena A. Henry

Rena Henry is the first public school educator and first Native American to receive the Bilingual Administrator of the year award from the New Mexico Association of
Bilingual Education.

Dennis Arviso

Before Dennis had his injury, he was a team roper, now he makes his mark with his paint brushes and mouth. He then attended Insitute of American Indian Arts, but unfortunately, he did not finish, the school was not Handicapped accessible. After he left, he developed his own western style. his work has won numerous awards.

Ed lee Natay

Natay's voice was quite unforgettable back in the day, He was a spokesperson and ambassador world wide for the Navajo People. He also known fo announcing Native American Appreciation Day for Ellis Tanner Trading Co.

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